Worth to Know

Studio 100

fotoOn request of Studio 100 Helga has designed the black cat "Muis" for the popular Dutch/Flemish youth soap series Het Huis Anubis en de Vijf van het Magische Zwaard. In this series Muis is the soulmate of Sterre, the main character in the series. 175 episodes have been broadcast on Nickelodeon.

Toy Museum Exhibition

23/04/2002, Mechelen
fotoThe teddy bear is celebrating its one hundredth birthday this year! The toy museum in Mechelen is focusing entirely on this event. From 23 April to 5 January inclusive, an attractive exhibition is being organised, entitled Helga Torfs' character bears, a tribute to a hundred years of teddy bears. Never before has such a large collection of Helga Torfs' bears been presented to the public. This is a unique exhibition in an enchanting setting. In addition to Helga's character bears, there is also a survey of a hundred years of teddy bears. The fun workshops for schools are also a unique feature. At the same time, the toy museum is celebrating its own 20th anniversary with this exhibition.


, Wijnegem
fotoThe Club shop in the Wijnegem shopping centre presented a first last year by creating a ‘mini museum’ for the Collectors’ Bears in its window. Brepols products took their place in this attractive setting alongside the Collectors’ Bears.

, Seoul, Korea
fotoA brand new bear museum was opened in Seoul, South Korea, in 2001. At the bear show in San Diego, Helga Torfs was approached by the curator of this museum to create a tableau based on a 20th century fairy tale. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was chosen. Several tableaux depicting scenes from the history of the 2Oth century are portrayed by bears in this museum, including the first astronaut, the Second World War, etc. For further information, consult the museum website at www.teddybearmuseum.com

24/01/2001, Lusthoven, Arendonk
fotoThe Lusthoven estate in Arendonk was chosen as the setting for the introduction of the Collectors' Bears collection on 24 January 2001. Both the trade press and the written press were invited. The RTV television channel was also present. The famous bear tableaux were presented in brand new photograph albums, albums of verse and diaries, notebooks, note jotters and writing paper.