The Story

Helga TorfsMy story began when my friend Ben asked me to make a teddy bear for his birthday. SinceĀ I was a childĀ  I had always been very creative and so I decided to try to make a teddy bear myself. After many failed attempts and with a lot of perseverance Pedro was finally born, the first bear that came up to my expectations. Several years later I’m more than ever contaminated with the bear virus !

My absolute priority is that the bear is not made but born so that it contains a soul. This is only possible by making my bears one at a time and by investing lots of time, patience and love in them, which is something an arctophile (teddy bear fan) will feel immediately.

All my creations are handmade by using only the very best durable materials like mohair, silk and mouth blown glass eyes, which will certainly stand the test of time.

I like to create typical themes, for example: Pixie, Clown, Eskimo and Indian. There are also the traditional Helga Torfs bears, a collection of “vintage bears” that look like they’ve been lying on the attic for years and a collection of little rabbits and pussies. The first pussy by the way was made as a result of my assignment by Studio 100 to design “Mouse”, a black cat, for the popular TV series “Het Huis Anubis”.

In the meantime my bears have been rewarded with international awards and their pictures have been published on the covers of some twenty international bear magazines. Several of my creations are now being exposed in museums in America as well as in Asia.

Furthermore Brepols brought out a number of products such as photo albums, writing-paper and notebooks featuring pictures of my bears.
My creations can be admired at several bear fairs in Belgium and abroad. I hope to meet you there one day to view my sweethearts in person.

Enjoy my website!


Helga Torfs
Veldstraat 74
2450 Meerhout (Belgium)
Tel/Fax: 0032/(0)14-30 32 08